Sunday, 2 October 2011


You have reached this blog because you are interested in coming along to my craft workshops and learning a new skill. 

This is still very much in the first stages but I have lots of ideas.

I shall be adding workshops over the next few weeks. Initially they will be at my house, but I am planning on being able to bring craft parties to your house.  Get a group of friends together, crack open the wine, have a laugh and take home something you have made yourself at the end of the evening.  Let's face it, you can get 3 drinks in a pub for £15 but all you'll have to show for it the next day is maybe a headache.

Prices of work shops will vary depending on what you will be making but I am hoping to keep the prices between £15 - £20.  This will be for a 2 hour workshop with everything you need.  If it is at my house I will provide some refreshments.

Here are some of the things you can be making......

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